Books on mythology and folklore.


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Tales of the Celtic Bards - Claire Hamilton

The ancient Bards encoded their knowledge of the natural world of animals and plants and the power to heal, order and judge into teasing riddles that were told or sung, not written down. They believed they had powers of divination, shape-changing and the ability to travel to the 'Otherworld'.

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Windsmith - Kevan Manwarring

When Isambard Kerne, Royal Flying Corps observer, goes missing in action in the opening battle of the First World War, he is transported into a nightmarish limbo - both imprisoned and released by his wife's grieving love. Separated from his biplane and pilot, Kerne awakes in an unknown mountainous land where he meets wild Merlin - who is trapped in the form of a falcon. The feathered magician becomes the airman's guide, leading him to the Chlak Folk who carve giants from the foothills of the dead.....
The past shall not rest, nor the dead stay in peace, in this gripping adventure from a magical storyteller.

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