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A Druid's Tale - Cat Treadwell

What do people think of when they hear the word Druidry? The real questions, not questions about the old men in white robes stereotypes. What makes a Druid? What do they do? Having been a practising Druid for over ten years, Cat Treadwell wondered too. Asked to present a talk at a national Pagan Festival, and unsure exactly what the audience would want to hear, she started a blog, asking friends and colleagues (Muggle and Pagan) what they would like to know about the Druid Path. Two years later they are still asking. This book answers some of those questions. Cat has compiled and expanded on the common queries (So, do you worship the sun?) as well as the day-to-day aspects of Druidry as a lived path. She reveals how Druidry is constantly evolving to be relevant and accessible in the modern world.

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Arianrhod's dance - Julie White & Graeme Talboys

All ritual is focus. It situates you at a moment and a place outside time and space where your relation to specific and distinct aspects of the world are clarified. It marks real and often intimate events of enormous consequence; and by marking these events, we allow them to mark us - binding us to land, sea and sky.
This book, by the authors of The Path through the Forest, provides a discussion of and an introduction to Druid ritual for solo practitioners and Groves alike, along with sample rituals for the eightfold year and rites of passage.

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Contemplative Druidry - James Nichol

Contemplative Druidry is an evolving aspect of modern Druidry. Rather than talking in purely abstract terms, this book focuses first on the experience of people practicing contemplative Druidry now. Only then does it look at the bigger picture and draw conclusions for the developing spirituality of modern Druidry as a whole.

'Contemplative Druidry' takes the five months of March-July 2014, and offers a snapshot of how 15 practitioners of Druidry in England today understand and practice contemplative Druidry, and why they value it. Responding to a set of questions either in live interviews or through written responses, they describe both what contemplative Druidry means to them personally, and how they see it fitting in to the context of Druidry as a modern pagan spirituality. In this way 'Contemplative Druidry' acts as a contemplative inquiry, with many voices offering perspectives on contemplative Druidry, its place within Druidry as a whole, and its wider contribution to the development of modern spirituality, particularly within pagan traditions. The contributors, in alphabetical order of first names, are: David Popely, Elaine Knight, Eve Adams, JJ Middleway, Joanna Vander Hoeven, Julie Bond, Karen Webb, Katy Jordan, Mark Rosher, Nimue Brown, Penny Billington, Robert Kyle, Rosa Davis and Tom Brown.

In his introduction, the author describes the experience which led him, already a practising Druid, onto a more contemplative path. He talks of how he turned outwards to his own community, as well as inwards to his personal practice, and brought together a group dedicated to developing a practice of contemplative Druidry in Gloucestershire, England. The book is in many respects a fruit of this work, and 11 of the 15 contributors are involved in the group. The other four are independently engaged with contemplative and meditative practice in Druidry, and agreed to be part of the book. The main section of the book is divided into three parts. The first is about the people involved - their childhood spirituality, their histories of questing for a spiritual practice and home that made sense, and their commitment to Druidry as an identity and set of values. The second is about practice - formal sitting meditations, ways of contemplative engagement with nature, forms of group practice, contemplative arts, and having a contemplative stance in every day life. The third is about potential - what the practice of contemplative Druidry can do for the individual and its benefits to the community as a whole. The book ends with a set of author's reflections and conclusions, including suggestions about how contemplative practices can become more widely adopted within the Druid community. There are eight appendices, which include models of group programmes and solo practices for contemplative Druidry, and also two threads from the Contemplative Druidry Facebook group, one about contemplation and mysticism and the other on pilgrimage. The book has a foreword by Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, a significant contribution in its own right under the title: 'Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth: the Nature Mysticism of Druidry'. The foreword endorses the view that contemplative Druidry is an idea whose time has come.

'Contemplative Druidry' is an introduction in that it raises awareness of contemplative practice in Druidry, and potentially in pagan spirituality more widely. It provides documentary recognition of the approach. And it sets a note of contemplative inquiry and exploration, rather than offering a fixed set of teachings that people are invited to assimilate in a top-down kind of way. The book is therefore of interest both to people with a personal interest in contemplative Druidry, and to those with a more general interest in the life and development of modern Druidry, pagan paths more widely, and evolutionary spirituality as a whole.

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Druid Magic - Maya Magee Sutton and Nicholas R.Mann

This insightful book combines Celtic myths, knowledge of Celtic homelands, and archaeological evidence with spiritual lessons and activities. 'Druid Magic' shows you how to incorprate the magical symbols and tools of Celtic mythology into your daily life. Let this wisdom inspire you to create positive changes as you become a Druid!

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Druid Mysteries - Philip Carr-Gomm

The spiritual path of the Druids leads us through the beauty and richness of nature to the wild places of the heart.
The ancient teachings of the Druids represent one of the well-springs of inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition. In the past Druids and Druidesses were magicians and poets, counsellors and healers, shamans and philosophers. They lived in harmony with the earth and her seasons, and their mysteries were inspired by the magical energies of the natural world. Today the wisdom and the teachings of the Druids continue to inspire spiritual seekers across the world.
In this inspirational book, Philip Carr-Gomm takes us into the sacred grove of the Druid mysteries, showing us how we can transform our lives and deepen our connection with the world of Nature and Spirit. Druid Mysteries explores

* The ancient history of the Druids and its relevance to our lives today
* The separate orders of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and their roles
* Seasonal ceremonies and Druidic concepts of time and place
* Druid circles and stones, trackways and stars
* The secrets of Druid tree and animal lore
* The relationship between Druidry and Wicca.

This is a completely revised and updated edition of 'The Elements of the Druid Tradition'. It includes much new material, and completely new chapters.

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Druidry and Meditation - Nimue Brown

Meditation has a great deal to offer anyone on a spiritual path. Through self-knowledge and inner peace, we gain insight. In contemplation and communion, we may hear the voice of spirit. This book offers a broad range of meditative practices, and explains how to develop your own visualisations. for those who want to go further; there is advice for running meditation groups and for using meditation in ritual.

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In the Grove of the Druids - Philip Carr-Gomm

In the Grove of the Druids is a major study of the work of one of the seminal thinkers in Western Paganism. Ross Nichols was Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids until his death in 1975. He was a man who believed passionately in the power of myth, poetry, ritual, and drama, and in the interconnectedness of the world's great religious systems.
This fascinating and wide-ranging selection of Ross Nichol's work contains writing on key themes including ritual, festivals, mythology, symbolism, temple architecture, and archeology, and the links between Druidry and other ancient wisdom traditions. It is the essential resource for students of Druidry and lovers of Celtic spirituality.
Includes a biography of Ross Nichols, a Foreword by Professor Ronald Hutton, rare archive photographs, sketches and letters of Ross Nichols, a complete Chronology, Bibliography and Index. From the Introduction: "Much of the pleasure of reading Ross lies in finding the gems embedded within his work: a turn of phrase, an image, a connection between two ideas or facts which you hadn't seen before...he is a weaver of ideas, images, facts and details."
"A valuable contribution to the history of our tradition." Druid's Voice magazine.

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Journeys of the Soul - The Life & Legacy of a Druid Chief by Philip Carr-Gomm

Journeys of the Soul
The Life & Legacy of a Druid Chief by Philip Carr-Gomm

With the Selected Poetry, Letters, Travel Diaries, Watercolours and Drawings of Ross Nichols, Foreword by Christina Oakley Harrington

Ross Nichols was one of the key figures in the revival of interest in Druidry and Celtic Spirituality in modern times. The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, which he founded, is now the largest Druid group in the world. Journeys of the Soul vividly describes Nichols journey through life in the first complete biography of this enigmatic and influential Druid Chief, allowing us an intimate and controversial glimpse into the life and mind of one of the founding figures of the modern Pagan movement.

Photographs, sketches and colour reproductions of his watercolours are included with the letters and diary excerpts of Nichols own journeys, continuing the theme of Philip's biography with stories of travel in evocative places: by the pyramids in Egypt, in the mountains of Bulgaria, in the 'House of Mysteries' at Pompeii.

In these travel journals, Nichols weaves impressions of the countryside and the people with historical and archaeological information, psychic impressions, anecdotes, jokes and poetry. As we follow a historian and spiritual teacher on his journeys, we too are taken on journeys of the soul.

Illustrated 220pp privately published hardback signed by the author (Only available through the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids).

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Lessons in Magic: A Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True - Philip Carr-Gomm

A short focused book on how to bring magic into your life and into the world.

Deep down most of us believe in magic, because we know that sometimes just sometimes magic can come tumbling into our lives with a blinding flash, and suddenly there we are facing the person were destined to fall in love with, or being offered the job we never believed we would get, or we just find ourselves walking down that same familiar street, but this time its different this time weve fallen in love with life: this time everything looks different, and life feels wonderful and exciting again.

Most people believe that you cant make this kind of magic occur in your life. They say youre either lucky or youre not: it either happens to you or it doesnt. But what if we could make magic happen? What if we could do things that actually made these types of experiences occur more often in our lives? And what if there was a book that taught this kind of magic?

Signed by the author

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The Book of Druidry - Ross Nichols

The Book of Druidry is a comprehensive study of the Druids, from their earliest history to the present-day renaissance. The book includes an examination of the ideas that shaped the Druids - their principle deities, their myths, their wisdom and learning. Written by the founder of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, this is an important book for anyone serious about working within the Druid tradition.

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