Academic books that focus on the history and archaeology relevant to modern Druidry.

History and Archaeology

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Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion - Andy Worthington

This innovative social history looks in detail at how the summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge have brought together different aspects of British counter-culture to make the monument a 'living temple' and an icon of alternative Britain. The history of the celebrants and counter-cultural leaders is interwoven with the viewpoints of the land-owners, custodians and archaeologists who have generally attempted to impose order on the shifting patterns of these modern-day mythologies.

This wonderful book takes you on a journey through the recent life of Stonehenge - filled with photographs that really bring its Spirit to life, not of a monument to be looked at as one might look at a scientific item, but as a living entity in its own right that continues to inspire generations. Highly recommended!

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The Mount Haemus Lectures Volume 2

Eight research papers produced between 2008 and 2016 for the Mount Haemus Award of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids. Topics include Herbalism, Ethics, History, Archaeology, Musicology, Mythology, Transpersonal Psychology, Story-Telling and Druid Lore. Contributors: Dr Brendan Myers, Dr Andy Letcher, Dr. Thomas C. Daffern, Julian Barker, Kristoffer Hughes, Dr Karen Ralls, Dr Julia Farley, Ian Rees. Introduced by Philip Carr-Gomm.

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The Mount Haemus Lectures Volume 1

309 page volume of outstanding contemporary research in Druidism.
Introduction Philip Carr-Gomm
Origins of Modern Druidry - Professor Ronald Hutton
Druidry: Exported Possibilities and Manifestations - Gordon Cooper
Phallic Religion in the Druid Revival - John Michael Greer
Question, Answer and the Transmission of Wisdom in Celtic and Druidic Tradition - Caitlin Matthews
Universal Majesty, Verity and Love Infinite - Dr Adam Stout
Working with Animals - Professor Roland Rotherham
I Would know my Shadow and my Light - Philip Carr-Gomm
Entering Faerie: Elves, Ancestors and Imagination - James Warren Maertens Ph.D

From a reader: I have now read half the lectures in this book and I have to say, their relevance to the Bardic grade is astounding - one coincidence falls over the next one! I recommend this book to anyone who is studying this course - it truly opens the mind further to the ideas in the Gwers and fuels a deeper understanding - especially when you are studying the elements and the male/female principles! This book is a magical world of ideas, passion and inspiration - a cauldron of a book! Magma.

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