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A Brief History of Nakedness - Philip Carr-Gomm

A Brief History of Nakedness - Philip Carr-Gomm
In A Brief History of Nakedness Philip Carr-Gomm traces our preoccupation with nudity in three distinct areas of human endeavour: religion, politics and popular culture. Rather than study the history of the fine-art nude, or detail the ways in which the naked body has been denigrated or imprisoned, this book explores new territory - revealing the ways in which religious teachers, politicians, protestors and cultural icons have used nudity to enlighten or empower themselves, or simply entertain us.

"I absolutely loved A Brief History of Nakedness. Besides being a fascinating read, it contains the most fun, intriguing, and diverse collection of nude photographs anywhere. A must for anyone interested in art, political activism, and cultural studies. This ''brief'' history must have taken forever to research. It makes me want to rip off my clothes for a good cause immediately." --Annie Sprinkle PhD, artist / sexologist

(Annie Sprinkle )

"In this lucid and wide-ranging book Philip Carr-Gomm . . . strips bare the paradoxes of humanity''s attitude toward its own naked figures. Using a snappy blend of history and imagery, he invites readers to join him in making thrilling, confusing, funny, and beautiful realizations about that simultaneously mysterious and obvious state of unclothedness. From the rituals of witchcraft to the human art installations of Spencer Tunick to the non-nakedness of the Naked Chef, Carr-Gomm offers the revelation that far from being merely a basic physical state, human nakedness - sacred, obscene - holds the key to understanding politics, culture, and our very nature as human beings."--Kathleen Rooney, author of Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

(Kathleen Rooney )

"A Brief History of Nakedness admirably uncovers religious, political and popular performances of and reactions to nudity in a remarkable array of cultures. Everything from ancient religious devotional practices to recent streaking controversies is discussed in an expert and delightful manner."--Graham Harvey, Open University

(Graham Harvey )

"Not only the best book on its subject, but a marvellous read: racy, compassionate, candid and perceptive."--Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol

(Ronald Hutton )
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